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Information about Visas and Residence Permits in Venezuela


First of all: Venezuela Tourist Visa

Before buying a property we strongly recommend you see it first. What’s more, if you are planning on moving to your overseas property we advise you to spend some time in the country before taking such an important decision. Traveling in Latin America is easy for American and most European Countries passport holders. Tourist visas are not always necessary and, if they are, getting one is not a problem. In this section we provide some general information on visas and residence permits. Since this information might change, particularly regarding red tape and form filling, in January First Real Estate we are always ready to answer your questions and provide research in order to give all necessary answers with up-to-date information. Once you have been in the country and decided to become a resident the staff in January First Real Estate will gladly help you out finding out requirements and most advantageous choices for your residence status.

Tips on applying for a visa
Several things need to be considered here, including whether you’re living part-time or full-time in the country, and what you intend to do there. There are many kinds of visas, but here are a few common elements that may be required of you:

  • Verify that your passport is valid for the required length of time.
  • Some countries require that you have a passport valid for at least six months when the visa is granted.
  • Find a notary (or other approval authority) acceptable to the consulate.
  • Get a physician’s health certification.
  • Most countries require some sort of health certification. Find out what they need, and make sure the doctor addresses it specifically.
  • Visa photos will likely be a different size than any photo you have so far, so check this in advance.
  • Criminal record checks are required in many cases. Allow plenty of time for this, as the process to get one from your state police or other law enforcement agency may not be quick.
  • Pension verification is your most important document if you’re applying for a pensioner’s visa, while your foreign property deed will be needed if you’re getting a visa based on property ownership.
  • In some cases the copy of the property deed needs to be notarized in the country where the property is located, so allow time for this if it hasn’t been done already.
  • Document certification: Be sure to allow enough time to notarize or certify all required documents—and resolve any issues your country’s notary may have—and then submit your visa application.
    It is helpful to make an interim stop or two at the consulate to have them review how you’re processing the required paperwork. This can help to avoid any surprises at the end when you turn in your final visa application for approval.

Tourist Visa
You do not need a visa if you come by plane, just a tourist card, provided by the airlines, that lets you stay for ninety days. Entry to Venezuela by bus or car can be a bit more complicated – in some but not all cases, the border guards will ask to see your tourist visa, which must be purchased at the Venezuelan consulates in Colombia or Brazil – they're not always available in the US and Europe. The cost is about US$30 and you will need to present a photo and a passport valid for at least six more months. Sometimes they will also ask to see an onward ticket. To extend your tourist card or visa an additional three months, go to the Ministry of Interior Affairs (DIEX) in Caracas (Mon– Fri 8.30am–4.30pm; Telephone0212/482-0977), located off the Capitolio subway stop on Avenida Baralt, facing Plaza Miranda. Bring your passport, two photos and your return or onward ticket. You will have to pay around US$70 and potentially wait in line for several hours. It generally takes three days to process the request.


In case you need more information on any of these countries or have doubts on any of these issues, the specialised staff in January First Real Estate will be glad to answer all your questions, click here.


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