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Advertise Properties for Free in Venezuela

Free Real Estate Ads - Buy and Sell Property for Sale in Venezuela


January First Real Estate offers you the opportunity of advertising properties for sale in Venezuela on our site, completely free of charge. Offering a quality sales service for both private individuals and for large realtor networks.

When you choose to advertise a property on January First Real Estate, you will open up the market worldwide, increasing your possibilities of finding suitable buyers promptly with the added benefit of no additional costs being incurred.

An additional service provided by us, is in assisting potential buyers during the purchasing process. We offer through our wide network of professional agents based throughout USA and Europe.

At January First Real Estate, our unique marketing strategies include advertising in national press, in specially selected investment magazines and via lifestyle publications. In addition to this, January First Real Estate supplies an extensive range of alternative services to increase your selling opportunities and experience. These services help ensuring your property stands out from the rest, aiming to secure the attention of potential future buyers.

Some of the options we offer to achieve this are:

  • Advertising the property through European media;
  • Highlighting the property, within our own list of properties;
  • Featuring the property exclusively on our home page, and more.
To request further information about these additional services click here.

January First Real Estate’s Services and Advantages

In order to sell your home, you’ll need more than “For Sale” signs and advertisements. You need a sales associate who will work as your trusted advisor, skilled negotiator and expert facilitator. Your January First Real Estate's Sales Associate can help you sell your home more quickly and easily by:
  • Helping you setting the right price for your property, to attract the right buyers and the sales professionals who work with these buyers.
  • Defining the most appropriate marketing and pricing strategy. When marketing and advertising are done correctly, your home will sell more quickly and command a higher price. We understand that every property is unique and that the marketing plan should be designed to target those buyers that are most likely to want your home. Special attention should be paid to the most popular sources buyers use to find the homes they purchase.
  • Gathering data that will present your house and neighbourhood in the best light.
  • Targeting the core market where the most likely buyers for your property will be.
  • Offering you a compelling Internet presence.
  • Qualifying calls from people who may be more curious than serious about buying, and focusing on the second type.
  • Showing your home to the best prospects.
  • Accessing an established local network of sales. A sales force comprised of respected and successful agents will be working continually for you.
  • Skillfully representing you during the offer and throughout the sales process.
  • Doing thenecessary paperwork and legwork in a timely manner.
  • Guiding you through settlement.
  • Helping you out with professional and independent legal advisors and translators.

Real Estate Ads - Buy and Sell Property for Sale in Venezuela

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